Ok, so you have decided that you need to look at having your sensitive electronic equipment professionally cleaned and disinfected, but maybe you have a few questions and concerns. largebrushes




Why should we use your service?
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How many times do I need to clean in a year?
That depends on the environment in your office. Here are some guidelines...

How do you clean the equipment?
We Have a System. In our efforts to find products to do the job we wanted, we found there was nothing acceptable in the market. More…

Are the products you use environmentally friendly?
Yes they are. MSDS sheets are available. Please email info@onsitecomputercleaning.ca

Can I buy these products at the store?
No. You CAN order them online.

Why do some of your Cleaning Technicians wear a mask?
We are concerned about the health and safety of our Cleaning Technicians. They are exposed to all the germs and microbes in your equipment. We don’t want them breathing in all the microorganisms and bacteria from the equipment, so they wear masks to keep prevent this.

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Can I use common household cleaners instead if I were to do this at home?
It is not a good idea to use any product unless it is specifically designed to clean electronic equipment. For example, products with ammonia in them are not recommended for use with photocopiers and printers.
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Do you clean all types of office equipment?
YES!!! We can clean all sensitive electronic equipment. Here is a partial list of some of the equipment we can clean and disinfect. Equipment We Can Clean …

What will it cost to have our equipment professionally cleaned and sanitized?
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What hours do your Cleaning Technicians work?
We are available to complete the contract during regular business hours, or if you prefer, on evenings and weekends. We will work around YOUR schedule and do what we can to make the job as unobtrusive as possible.

For example, we will schedule our Cleaning Technicians to come to your location during your slow periods, or staff meetings or during shut down times, if applicable.

How long does it take to clean our computers?
Under “normal” circumstances, it generally takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to clean each work station, depending on how many pieces are at each station and how dirty your equipment is.

How long does the disinfecting of the equipment last? How long before it wears off?
The effect lasts about a day or two. The point is that it annihilates any bugs and germs that are on it - so it is starting fresh. Read more about the cost of absenteeism...

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